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Content warnings: (highlight for potential spoilers)  meat and disembodied gore, general horror elements (unsettling images and sounds), an allusion to suicide, and some existential dread.

The Thai translation was made by dayisyadaisy and tenmei55. I'm incredibly grateful for their work, so please send them your love as well! 


Unfortunately, playing on-browser introduces a few errors. If you run into one, please consult the below table for the fix. You can also download the .exe file and play offline. 

Issue Fix
Error upon start that mentions blend modes Enable hardware acceleration if you are using Chrome; otherwise, make sure that you are using a browser with WebGL support.
Error upon closing options menu and/or unable to save Turn on third-party cookies and disable any add-ons which block cookies. When cookies are disabled, the game cannot save data in-browser. You can try playing with cookies turned off, but it will crash when you attempt to open the options menu. 
Videos don't play  Switch to a browser that supports .webm such as Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. 

if you run into any other errors, i'm very sorry! please message me on twitter @onisarashi and let me know. 

Updated 20 hours ago
Published 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Horror, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Thai


English windows ver. 156 MB
Thai Translation (windows ver.) 172 MB


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Hi! I would like to ask permission to translate your game into portuguese. You can contact me, my discord is captainFelix#8123

Have a good day :)

I really like how you developed the argument, I've seen similar ideas in other media and I didn't expect the story to be so kind. 

I mean, the way you take the horror premise and turn it into a nostalgic story about loneliness and friendship, wow.

I specially loved the idea of comfort in giving up.

Did you take inspiration in any preexisting works?

how many endings are there?

There are two endings, both diverging from the final room (with the pit)!


i'm so sad.

I just finished playing and I'm wondering if there are any more endings. I got the happy ending btw, it was really nice but very sad and disturbing. It gave me some complicated feelings.

I'm happy that you enjoyed my game! There are two endings, and both diverge from the final room (the one with the pit). ^^

i just finished playing, and i have never been so wholesome and uncomfortable at the same time

for some reason the second time I get close to the body at the start it freezes

What device and browser are you using? It sounds like it's an issue with video playback. The videos are in .webm format, which may not be supported on all systems. Thank you for letting me know!

I'm using a Mac and safari browser so that's probably why. Thanks for replying! The game seems amazing so far

use google chrome then it should work 

I'm really sorry about that-- I'll add a note to the itchio page because it does seem like some of the formats break in safari. I'll see if I can find a workaround. I'm happy that you liked it regardless!

Nice game! What about russian translation?

damn this game is good 

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Em. Not what I expected. It was. I don't know how I feel after. It's a complex. Lera went through all this incredibly strongly, but everything changed after the scene with the piano. It's hard for me to understand why she began to sympathize with the madness of the meat cult around. To be honest, I feel very sorry for Nika and I have never been scared because of her, but I was scared for her. Perhaps I will now break the romanticization of this post-soviet vibe, but when you go through growing up in an unhealthy and poor family, the devastation and poverty around, than this hyperphysical horror narrative does not look like a nightmare, but very real and close to you. As you grow older, when you realize all this, it seems as though your entire childhood was cursed. But while you are a child, you do not understand anything and continue to look for joy in everything. I see that Nika really has an dysfunctional family here that keeps her. She cannot run away, she cannot tell how bad she is feel, she cannot be a part of society. She just wants to be a normal child. All she did was listen to her family. I don't see surrealism and body horror. I see a victim of mental disorders and abuse or maybe even worse. I have no idea what kind of nightmares she went through as a child. This is not something Lera could help her with, but I am still very sorry that she could not save her. For some reason, I was completely sure that Lera would ask her to leave with her. Common sense here is just shouting to contact the police, child protection, whatever, just get her out of here. It seems to me that I am close to the state in which Lera was too. I felt similar in past. And the more you will hate is the same architecture of doom outside the window and everywhere. Everything around you will choke you and remind you of your illness and anxiety. When you want to run away from everything, but you cannot run away from yourself. There are tons of things that can make you yearn. But we see that Lera is deeply depressed. The confessions and memories that the characters share make me feel that even if they have different traumas, they share a very similar and deep hopelessness. It seems to me that this sympathy for each other and that they can't change anything is the greatest pain. This is the main reason why I feel so empty inside after playing. Well... I've released my emotions and can write a little about the game. Art is mesmerizing. Everything is conveyed in great detail. As if my strongest memories from Russia were stuck somewhere in a snowy yume nikki dream. The painfully familiar concrete building on the cover is exactly what made me click and go through all this. Everything breathes with the atmosphere of despondency of concrete buildings and dirty courtyards. Lera's design is unexpectedly amazing, really thanks for making her look realistic for her age. This is just my opinion, but I would like her mother to look less youthful, and Nika's design maybe closer to the design of other children on the playground. Sorry I'm not a fan of anime stuff because in culture they always mean adult content because of men. Despite this, the game pulled me over the whole night and I went through two endings. I entered it completely by accident and cannot believe that the release was so recent. Whether I like it or not, it won't go away from my head for a long time.

Really Good, many spooky

Все ясно, автор в шапке-ушанке.

good game

stunning work, from the writing to the visual

There should be an "Unflappable RPG Protag" reward for Lera. Jokes aside she seemed to handle the situation pretty believably. In general I liked how grounded the atmosphere was despite the surreal environment. Nika is quite likeable, a perfect representative for the creature to dole out their message. Hell, if I was in this situation I would have let her convince me of the hopelessness of the situation in a heartbeat.

I love/hate to eat up existential works like this, they really stick in my head. I am still struggling to find the words to describe how it makes me feel even now. Great work.

i completed the game in 14 minutes good game i got the happy ending 

nika reminds me of a friend i used to talk to but we don't talk anymore

Nika deserves better than this.

Join us, in perfection.

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AMAZING GAME. Both hauntingly beautiful and grotesque. It's a weird mix that blends so perfectly. I was mesmerized the entire time.

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очень красивая и атмосферная игра! будет перевод на русский? мне кажется это добавит плюс к ностальгии ахах.  играть было одно удовольствие, спасибо большое :3

you died in an endless snowscape trying to escape. congratulations, you got the true ending!




this is probably my new favorite game on this site

the best word I can use to describe this game is...perfection

the writing is excellent, the visuals are creepy, the atmosphere is just right

definitely keeping an eye out for more of your work!

Dammnnn good game

Very interesting and well written. This game gave me Silent Hill vibes which made it even better. Keep up the good work! 


советская девочка: вежливо приглашает меня в свой дом

я: краду все вещи, не приколоченные гвоздями 👍


i loveeeeee this game played it on my school computer but it still looked great

Para mí el tema de la muerte es muy difícil, estoy asustada de morir y que la gente a quien amo muera algún día, este juego pegó justo en ese miedo y me dio una nueva visión de que hay que disfrutar la vida tanto como se pueda con los que amamos y que incluso después de la muerte hay una esperanza de que podamos reencontrarnos con nuestros seres queridos y poder ser felices :) <3 gracais por esta masterpiece, de verdad <3 se volvió de mis juegos favoritos.


It is kinda sad & freaky but nostalgic and happy  in  a weird way. If you would have had to leave  Nika I would have cried. But when I saw my car was destroyed I was oddly happy I couldn't

I have been following your process and been a huge fan of your tumblr for a while, your work is really impressive and you definitely will go places! Keep it up ^-^!!!!


The visuals are STUNNING :0


I adore the nostalgic brutality this game manages to embody. Especially as things bend towards the surreal. The story beats balance well in the realm of creepy and sad. Little details like a playground slide pushing you into a gaping hole create a wonderful rotten set piece. It's great!


Very cute but unnerving game!! Love it so much.


i don't think i've ever seen an RPG Maker game with such large amount of interactable storage spaces lmao loved playing until i had to nope out on the 3rd floor. just couldn't handle those 2 rooms, just yet. I'll get there eventually~


love this


It is so beautiful. The storyline, art and music. I want be Nika's friend bruh i'm not gonna leave her. Asking a question since it's say HAPPY ENDING does that mean there is a bad ending? 


thank you so much!!! 

there's no bad ending, but there are two endings: a happy ending and a true ending! the names are arbitrary, though, you could see either one as being the "better" ending ^^

Amé este juego, de verdad, gracias por crearlo <3

Stunning game, it became one of my favorites already! This game has everything, from good storyline, good programming, good music choice and lovable characters. Nika made me cry a lot and makes me want to be her friend. The one thing that I enyojed the most though was the art, absolutely stunning! Really astonishing work, my friend ;) 

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