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Content warnings: (highlight for potential spoilers)  meat and disembodied gore, general horror elements (unsettling images and sounds), an allusion to suicide, and some existential dread.

Please go send the translators your love, each one of them put an incredible amount of work into their translation and it's impossible to explain how grateful I am!!!! 

Thai translation
made by dayisyadaisy and tenmei55
Romanian translationmade by lycoris radiata
Chinese translationmade by OVven_W
Polish translationmade by floris
Russian translationmade by lime
French translationmade by mika
Spanish translationmade by Cachi Cordova


This game will always be available for free, but if you enjoyed it and are feeling particularly generous, any donation is incredibly appreciated! 


Unfortunately, playing on-browser introduces a few errors. If you run into one, please consult the below table for the fix. You can also download the .exe file and play offline. 

Issue Fix
Error upon start that mentions blend modes Enable hardware acceleration if you are using Chrome; otherwise, make sure that you are using a browser with WebGL support.
Error upon closing options menu and/or unable to save Turn on third-party cookies and disable any add-ons which block cookies. When cookies are disabled, the game cannot save data in-browser. You can try playing with cookies turned off, but it will crash when you attempt to open the options menu. 
Videos don't play  Switch to a browser that supports .webm such as Chrome, Opera, or Firefox. 

if you run into any other errors, i'm very sorry! please message me on twitter @onisarashi and let me know. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Horror, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French, Polish, Romanian Moldavian Moldovan, Russian, Thai, Chinese


English (windows ver.) 156 MB
Chinese Translation (windows ver.) 156 MB
Romanian Translation (windows ver.) 158 MB
Russian Translation (windows ver.) 157 MB
Thai Translation (windows ver.) 172 MB
Polish Translation (windows ver.) 183 MB
French Translation (windows ver.) 156 MB
Spanish Translation (windows ver.) 184 MB


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I'm like a Russian dude who has lived in this country for 20 years. I say that this is a lean, uninteresting gum for girls with an existential crisis and a pile of bio-problems in the head.

p.s briefly about how to fuck up 2 hours of your life 

What to do here?

is there a way to get off the roof bcuz i keep trying the door and it doesnt open so i can assume thats not the way out literally help


So many complex emotions that I'm struggling to put into words after playing this game! But to summarize, I think it's a masterpiece :')


I felt that the start was a bit slow as you explore the rooms one by one & gather items, but the contrast with how quickly everything escalated later on made me change my mind, as it made me feel like the initial mystery was building up to that point. I also like how you can immediately tell something is wrong at the start of the game, but you can't quite put your finger on what it is. The game really makes you sit with the vague sense of unease with subtle hints dropped in the characters' dialogue & environmental design, then shocks you with the sudden distortion.

The title of the game truly is apt. No outright jump-scares, but it delivers with the eerie atmosphere & body horror elements. It made me feel unsettled & disturbed at all the right moments.

I can tell that a lot of effort & love was put into making this game! The item descriptions in Lera's inventory fill in her backstory though they may seem like mundane everyday objects. The environmental design hints at the era she lives in & adds to world-building. Even the horror is not just there for show but carries significance in terms of symbolism & the themes of this game.


That being said, this game explores some very deep & dark themes, like existential dread, nihilism, suicide, mortality, human suffering & perhaps war. I'm not sure if my interpretations are right but I felt that: The symbolism of the body as a prison of flesh for the tormented mind was cleverly implied by all the body horror. The futility of Lera's struggle was alluded to by how she can't leave the building. And, the final choice seems to depict the dichotomy of how humans can face their own mortality - finding peace & happiness in acceptance VS choosing to fight till the very end to maintain one's sense of autonomy.

I got the True End & Happy End. To me, both were bittersweet given the events that took place in the "real world". We as players can only hope that either way, Lera chose a path that she wouldn't regret.

I can't help but wonder though if (1) there's a Bad End & (2) what happened to Nika after each of the endings. Is she a figment of Lera's dying mind which disappears post-mortem? Or does she symbolize an entity like the human will? The "Nika" in each of us representing the internal conflict of how easy it is to lure ourselves into resignation when confronted with human suffering VS the sacrifice we must make to keep fighting to live & to love... In a sense, this would mean Nika is forever trapped repeating this cycle within the collective human consciousness, which is a very sad fate for her. ><

Regardless, it was an amazing & thought-provoking experience to play this game! Thank you to the developer for creating it~

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What's the song at the start where he's little? I love the way it sounds <3 

Also, I haven't finished the game yet but it's so amazing :D I can't wait to finish it. I love the way the characters and the rooms look. It's so cutesy but scary at the same time. Good job :)



the game is amazing! loved the visuals and the concept, well done!


This game is a straight masterpiece. I got the True End but Ima play again to see what else can happen. Thank you so so much, this was truly a beautiful experience. Make more, make more!!


This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. It was gorgeous, the unsettling imagery was amazing and there was a perfect amount in the game. I loved each of the rooms you got to explore and the story.  10/10!!


this game spoke to my soul in a way i cannot express beyond saying i want to bake it into a pie and eat it so i can absorb it into my body forever


I played this game weeks ago and i think about it.. 
And Yes, amazing game.. love the atmosphere, the setting and everything about it... the room changing is still stuck on me..

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damn good job

(1 edit)

ive gotten stuck on the odd part where everything becomes different and you fall through the hole in the "teenager's room" help 


Im stuck there as well, its od

ikr sfwfhwkfhwkjfh idk what to doooooooooo i gave up on it


Love this. It's a very odd idea but it still made sense somehow. Also glad it ended in such a pure way, and yet it still delivered on the horror


Banger OST, Love the game.


This was existentially comforting. Loved it.

Amazing, I loved it, top 10 favorite games on Itch at the moment.



agree, also, there's "Mikė Pukuotukas", "Winnie The Pooh" short film, I used to watch it as a kid


This game dives into some pretty complicated stuff that I think a lot of people can relate to. Existential questioning seems to be a pretty relatable thing these days as the stuff that used to bring us joy becomes increasingly stale over time. It asks the question, what is a happy ending? Is it really just everything you've ever wanted? In my opinion, it's the pursuit of that happy ending and the struggles that come with it that brings us genuine purpose and satisfaction. 

These are the types of complex questions this game presents you with and it shows us how incredibly easy it can be to fall into the pit of sorrow and never see the way out - not because there isn't a way out, but because we don't want to find it. There is a real comfort to giving up and I don't know why our human minds allow us to feel that way but it's a fact that defeatism or giving up is an addicting and liberating feeling that if done enough times, crushes you eternally.

Anyway, this game is pretty sweet. 

Thanks for making games!

89th time playing this, its still good as when i first played it

this was so beautiful, thank you for this masterpiece!

may i ask what rpg engine you used to make this game?


this was beautiful and on my first play through I got the true ending and almost cried "almost"   :)

How many endings does this game have?

I just the true end on my first playthrough.. I am so very confused..


this is going to be my new go-to answer to "what's your favorite game" 

Very interesting and fun exploration horror! There was definitely meat. I streamed it for some friends over Discord and we had a great time. I'm curious about what the influences for this game might have been, if the dev ever wants to share :)

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I just made an account specifically to write this review. i have been playing a variety of horror games on and this isnt just one of the best games ive played on but in general. it completly blew me away with the visuals, the story and the characters, if i could wipe my memory and play this for the first time again, i would. fully recommend, easy 10/10

Is this an ending cuz there's no way out

u gotta walk through the black hole in between the two wallpapers things

ye i beat it 30 mins after the comment was posted lmao

lmao i started walking in circles until i found it

lol same

I made a video.

such a really great game:)

rlly cool game i got the good ending <3

this ussr atmosphere... i miss something that never happened to me.


if only my house was made of flesh, I CAN DREAM!!!!

i just started playing this game so i dont have much to say about the actual story of it, but i can say that the art is absolutely gorgeous and i love that the very beginning of the game (unsure if this theme continues) is literally just going around stealing everything you can get your hands on

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Hi,  good game that I really enjoyed great story line and characters.  Typically I don't play these RPG styled games but this is a reason to start.  I believe I got the good ending but feel I need to play through it again and pay more attention to the dialogue and scenes to fully understand it.  Sorry my bird brain is pretty smooth :D


Thank you for bringing this game. Its artistic style is really great!!!! I can't wait to introduce it to more friends!


This is such a lovely game! Nika is so well written and as somebody with kind of bad depression, a couple of moments with Lera hit close with me. they are the most sincere characters I've seen in a game in a long time <3

This game is absolute GOLD. Nika was the sweetest little girl ever. I got the "good" and "true" endings, not sure if there were more or not.



Literally created an account just to comment!
I absolutely LOVED this game!
The colors, the atmosphere, the art, the relatable protagonist, the though-provoking and interesting dialogue, the nostalgic and familiar environment with an unsettling twist.. It was all very comforting and inspiring! I'm from Ukraine, and haven't been home for months now, I miss my home dearly. This brought me back a bit, so to say. I am very grateful! It was a very beautiful experience.  Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!

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