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Атмосферная игра, мне понравилось. Жалко кота Леры только, он наверное от голода умрёт(

What was the background music when nika stood on the rooftop talking to lera? It's beautiful.


Anyway, I really hope to get to know Russian friends and have Russian friends to write emails to. I really want to feel the beauty of architecture expressed by this work through the photos taken on the spot.My email is ,I will wait until there is an international friend who is willing to contact a Chinese high school student


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I'm on a crome book and after making a new game the screen goes black. Audio plays but i can't play.

i love this game ngl

I was really scared while playing but i really enjoyed everything of the game, the art and music are amazing. The story made me relate Lera and how she sees her future. Thanl you so much for the game 

im on a mac, and when i press to play, I can play the game but I cant hear any audio 

can anyone help me out ?

my mac's audio is working and is on idk what else to do e.e

I really enjoyed your game!

I don't know if you are still accepting translations, but if you want I can translate this game into Portuguese.

This game has touched me dearly it made me think about everything and it is the most beautiful game I've ever played it had brought me to tears of happiness I hope you keep making master pieces like this Good job   

You have created something more than just a game.

This experience has pierced me to my core. Myself being from the country which this game takes place in (i assume), I have also reminisced numerous times about the past, thinking about how nice and simple it was, feeling protected, content, warm... The story, characters, the environments and the items have reminded me of many things I remember from my own childhood and reflect on my own life, from way back and now. Lera being unable to accept the present, wanting to perish, lost in a physical manifestation of her own happy memories really reminded me of myself at times. Either way, I've had experienced so much just playing through this, so thank you for that.

The game really portrays and desribes the environments and experiences of what once was the countries of the Soviet Union, which makes me wonder, how were you able to recreate it so well? Are you Russian yourself or have you had help? Either way, it's just wonderful.

10/10 longer than i thought it was going to be


I loved the vibes from this game!

Whenever I press new game, it shows a loading screen for a second, then it flashes white with an image of something i cant describe, idk. And then it plays audio but the screen remains black... anybody know whats wrong?

what browser and OS are you using? a few people have experienced similar problems in firefox on mac OS, and i unfortunately have been unable to find a fix that works all of the time. i'm sorry for the trouble. 

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Im using Google Chrome on chrome OS, tried it again, same thing happened but now it doesn't show the loading screen at all.


this is... a beautiful game. i'm almost sad to have finished it. the storytelling and visuals are gorgeous and i'm entranced by the themes and the characters. i usually go on to try and look for diamonds in the rough, and this definitely is one

i  got stuck in the bath room 1st floor, agh i'll have to restart

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For some reason the music wasn't playing for me. Might be a browser problem though since I'm on safari.

Great game though! I love the psychological/alternate reality concept and this game 100% delivered on it.

Edit: Check out the dev's website at

There's a walkthrough covering the endings, and some short stories that I thought were really good. The last one is so sweet, and if you're looking for a happy, fulfilling ending to Lera and Nika's story, please go read it.

This game is beatiful. It touched me in so many ways. I cant decribe the feeling... perfect


Dude Lera is so real to me

I felt the pain of craving an end to suffering but being terrified of what comes after. The only way you remember happy memories (If you do at all) is through distorted thoughts making the memories a painful thing to remember. And even though I got the true ending I'm going to play again cause I do wonder what would happen if you went down. But I feel like I am Lera and going towards the "exit" would feel like I'm doing it and I don't know how I would feel. This story is truly compelling and amazingly written I mean I got super emotional playing this cause this is so real and so amazing.

Great job making this I hope to play more like this <3

really beautiful and thought provoking game. the atmosphere created within the setting, art, OST, and characters is something special.  im glad i played

simply beautiful

how many endings????


What to do here?

What did you end up doing?


is there a way to get off the roof bcuz i keep trying the door and it doesnt open so i can assume thats not the way out literally help


So many complex emotions that I'm struggling to put into words after playing this game! But to summarize, I think it's a masterpiece :')


I felt that the start was a bit slow as you explore the rooms one by one & gather items, but the contrast with how quickly everything escalated later on made me change my mind, as it made me feel like the initial mystery was building up to that point. I also like how you can immediately tell something is wrong at the start of the game, but you can't quite put your finger on what it is. The game really makes you sit with the vague sense of unease with subtle hints dropped in the characters' dialogue & environmental design, then shocks you with the sudden distortion.

The title of the game truly is apt. No outright jump-scares, but it delivers with the eerie atmosphere & body horror elements. It made me feel unsettled & disturbed at all the right moments.

I can tell that a lot of effort & love was put into making this game! The item descriptions in Lera's inventory fill in her backstory though they may seem like mundane everyday objects. The environmental design hints at the era she lives in & adds to world-building. Even the horror is not just there for show but carries significance in terms of symbolism & the themes of this game.


That being said, this game explores some very deep & dark themes, like existential dread, nihilism, suicide, mortality, human suffering & perhaps war. I'm not sure if my interpretations are right but I felt that: The symbolism of the body as a prison of flesh for the tormented mind was cleverly implied by all the body horror. The futility of Lera's struggle was alluded to by how she can't leave the building. And, the final choice seems to depict the dichotomy of how humans can face their own mortality - finding peace & happiness in acceptance VS choosing to fight till the very end to maintain one's sense of autonomy.

I got the True End & Happy End. To me, both were bittersweet given the events that took place in the "real world". We as players can only hope that either way, Lera chose a path that she wouldn't regret.

I can't help but wonder though if (1) there's a Bad End & (2) what happened to Nika after each of the endings. Is she a figment of Lera's dying mind which disappears post-mortem? Or does she symbolize an entity like the human will? The "Nika" in each of us representing the internal conflict of how easy it is to lure ourselves into resignation when confronted with human suffering VS the sacrifice we must make to keep fighting to live & to love... In a sense, this would mean Nika is forever trapped repeating this cycle within the collective human consciousness, which is a very sad fate for her. ><

Regardless, it was an amazing & thought-provoking experience to play this game! Thank you to the developer for creating it~

What happens in the Happy Ending?

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What's the song at the start where he's little? I love the way it sounds <3 

Also, I haven't finished the game yet but it's so amazing :D I can't wait to finish it. I love the way the characters and the rooms look. It's so cutesy but scary at the same time. Good job :)



the game is amazing! loved the visuals and the concept, well done!


This game is a straight masterpiece. I got the True End but Ima play again to see what else can happen. Thank you so so much, this was truly a beautiful experience. Make more, make more!!


This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. It was gorgeous, the unsettling imagery was amazing and there was a perfect amount in the game. I loved each of the rooms you got to explore and the story.  10/10!!


this game spoke to my soul in a way i cannot express beyond saying i want to bake it into a pie and eat it so i can absorb it into my body forever


I played this game weeks ago and i think about it.. 
And Yes, amazing game.. love the atmosphere, the setting and everything about it... the room changing is still stuck on me..

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damn good job

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ive gotten stuck on the odd part where everything becomes different and you fall through the hole in the "teenager's room" help 


Im stuck there as well, its od

ikr sfwfhwkfhwkjfh idk what to doooooooooo i gave up on it


Love this. It's a very odd idea but it still made sense somehow. Also glad it ended in such a pure way, and yet it still delivered on the horror


Banger OST, Love the game.


This was existentially comforting. Loved it.

Amazing, I loved it, top 10 favorite games on Itch at the moment.



agree, also, there's "Mikė Pukuotukas", "Winnie The Pooh" short film, I used to watch it as a kid

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