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This game dives into some pretty complicated stuff that I think a lot of people can relate to. Existential questioning seems to be a pretty relatable thing these days as the stuff that used to bring us joy becomes increasingly stale over time. It asks the question, what is a happy ending? Is it really just everything you've ever wanted? In my opinion, it's the pursuit of that happy ending and the struggles that come with it that brings us genuine purpose and satisfaction. 

These are the types of complex questions this game presents you with and it shows us how incredibly easy it can be to fall into the pit of sorrow and never see the way out - not because there isn't a way out, but because we don't want to find it. There is a real comfort to giving up and I don't know why our human minds allow us to feel that way but it's a fact that defeatism or giving up is an addicting and liberating feeling that if done enough times, crushes you eternally.

Anyway, this game is pretty sweet. 

Thanks for making games!

89th time playing this, its still good as when i first played it

this was so beautiful, thank you for this masterpiece!

may i ask what rpg engine you used to make this game?


this was beautiful and on my first play through I got the true ending and almost cried "almost"   :)

How many endings does this game have?


I just the true end on my first playthrough.. I am so very confused..


this is going to be my new go-to answer to "what's your favorite game" 

Very interesting and fun exploration horror! There was definitely meat. I streamed it for some friends over Discord and we had a great time. I'm curious about what the influences for this game might have been, if the dev ever wants to share :)

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I just made an account specifically to write this review. i have been playing a variety of horror games on and this isnt just one of the best games ive played on but in general. it completly blew me away with the visuals, the story and the characters, if i could wipe my memory and play this for the first time again, i would. fully recommend, easy 10/10

Is this an ending cuz there's no way out

u gotta walk through the black hole in between the two wallpapers things

ye i beat it 30 mins after the comment was posted lmao

lmao i started walking in circles until i found it

lol same

I made a video.

such a really great game:)

rlly cool game i got the good ending <3

this ussr atmosphere... i miss something that never happened to me.


if only my house was made of flesh, I CAN DREAM!!!!

i just started playing this game so i dont have much to say about the actual story of it, but i can say that the art is absolutely gorgeous and i love that the very beginning of the game (unsure if this theme continues) is literally just going around stealing everything you can get your hands on

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Hi,  good game that I really enjoyed great story line and characters.  Typically I don't play these RPG styled games but this is a reason to start.  I believe I got the good ending but feel I need to play through it again and pay more attention to the dialogue and scenes to fully understand it.  Sorry my bird brain is pretty smooth :D


Thank you for bringing this game. Its artistic style is really great!!!! I can't wait to introduce it to more friends!


This is such a lovely game! Nika is so well written and as somebody with kind of bad depression, a couple of moments with Lera hit close with me. they are the most sincere characters I've seen in a game in a long time <3

This game is absolute GOLD. Nika was the sweetest little girl ever. I got the "good" and "true" endings, not sure if there were more or not.



Literally created an account just to comment!
I absolutely LOVED this game!
The colors, the atmosphere, the art, the relatable protagonist, the though-provoking and interesting dialogue, the nostalgic and familiar environment with an unsettling twist.. It was all very comforting and inspiring! I'm from Ukraine, and haven't been home for months now, I miss my home dearly. This brought me back a bit, so to say. I am very grateful! It was a very beautiful experience.  Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!

This game is amazing, but where is the music from, I really like it and might set it as my wake alarm :D

i already wrote a raiting but i just wanted to comment to say how much i loved this game, i got the happy ending and it was really nice, i really felt a connection to lera

this game was such a beautiful experience to play. nika is so sweet too <3, happy ending.

i literally made an account to comment. what a beautiful game. i teared up.


This is an awesome game, i loved it, ill definitley play it a few more times!!


Бесспорно лучшая игра в этом стиле !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор спасибо за игру и за перевод

A really really great game, I just got the happy ending


This was way too real for me. Growing up in the Ukraine for a while and having kept visiting my family, I know EXACTLY what these rooms and surroundings and everything is like... I loved the game, but I cant say it didnt make me sob multiple times. Incredible.

I got good ending and the game was really created with much imagination and bizarre creativity.  I liked it.  And I loved Nika she was so sweet. :)


I just picked everything up like my pockets had hands and made the girl feel nice.

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I got true end. Great game it made me cry at the end, I'm gonna miss nika too  (T_T)

I like cheese


i like this feeling,feel like mango put on the raw meet


A tour in a  beautiful world for 1 hour,thx for creating.Love you.

btw the music is excellent,thx*2

this game is so beautiful yet depressing and horrifying in a good way<3333 thank you for creating this


i cry every time


this was absolutely stunning, would love the ost as an alternative download or a bonus if we donate 1$ or more, the ending/piano room theme is especially touching but I can’t find it on yt, if u could upload it I would love u 2 bits


yeah,we all love the wonderful music!

this game is amazing! thak you for making it

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